Worker's Comp

Prevention Before and Ongoing Process Correction Makes All the Difference.

For years worker’s compensation seemed like the necessary evil all business owners and managers had to contend with in order to do business. Many felt they were powerless to improve the process. Change is now the reality. Those that are updating processes are those who are saving money and protecting themselves and their businesses.

Costs for worker’s compensation plans continue to rise. According to one of the largest databases on this subject, prices have risen approximately 26-28% on this item in the last four years.

Like all budget line items, when costs rise, we as business owners and executives must look at maximize efficiency and reduce costs. RWI Benefits, LLC is your strategic partner to reduce costs working with you hand in hand.

Why is there such an increase in costs?

Most people across our nation ask us why costs continue to rise when workplaces seem to be safer. Risk management has never been more at the forefront of our minds and business philosophies, not to mention that statistically speaking, worker’s compensation injuries continue to decline as a whole. The answer is simple - workers are more educated to the process. Use of these benefits is happening for a longer time, as well as loss of work time due to disability has gotten longer on a whole. This leads to more wage replacement and medical fees because of increased doctor visits, procedures, prescriptions and the like. 

Now is the time to be even more controlling of these costs. RWI Benefits ensures you have the tools necessary to make that happen.

Who is advising your risk manager, and what proactive steps are being taken to reduce or stabilize your worker’s compensation expenses?

RWI Benefits offers a full compliment of products and services fom which to choose. We help you answer to the above question and build efficient plans for your general managers, executives and Tribal authorities.

A few simple steps can saving thousands!

  1. Create a comprehensive plan
  2. Learn from previous experience and take steps to prevent problems from reoccuring
  3. Identify primary worker’s compensation risks
  4. Compare your organization’s financial performance against peer data
  5. Teach employees the psychological research behind how to and when not to take risks
  6. Take a real look at how ergonomic processes are being used by your organization

This list represents a small sampling of tools available. RWI Benefits works to find solutions right for your enterprise by lowering costs and improving safety in the workplace environment for your team members. This process becomes a win-win situation to all involved. By allowing RWI to analyze your current plans and procedures we will be able to hone in on areas needing improvement.  You might be surprised - a second look by fresh eyes can produce great results.

Get started today by getting in contact with our worker’s compensation lead

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