Robert Weaver makes November 2016 cover of Tribal Business Journal

Robert Weaver, a Quapaw tribal member, makes the cover of the November 2016 issue of Tribal Business Journal (TBJ). TBJ shares stories impacting 21st Century tribal economies including leading-edge best practices, relevant business, governmental and social topics, emerging human-interest stories and more. In the November issue, Weaver’s career and commitment to improving affordable access to Indian healthcare are documented in an article by Levi Rickert titled “If We Don’t Have Health, What Else Do We Have?”

As a teenager, Robert Weaver, president and CEO of the Native American insurance management firm RWI Benefits, LLC, lost a cousin to suicide. It was a traumatic experience he’ll never forget. At that time, finding adequate, accessible health insurance coverage for mental health issues was very difficult. As an adult, he recognized a need to educate and protect tribal leaders from insurance providers eager to cash in on a lack of knowledge about reasonable coverage costs. Since 2007, his business has been committed to leveling the playing field for Native Americans and eliminating these disparities.

“I am so humbled by being honored on the cover of Tribal Business Journal,” says Robert Weaver, RWI Benefits, LLC, president.“My hope is that all Native Americans, no matter where we live, have access to quality and affordable healthcare.”

Tribal Business Journal offers business news pertaining to all American Indian tribes in Indian Country. TBJ strives to be the 21st Century Voice of Economic Development in Indian Country, providing insightful and progressive thought leadership to companies and organizations seeking to do business with Tribes across the United States. TBJ is the sole Tribally-owned, printed monthly publication distributed to every Native American tribal leadership council member, decision maker and Business Development Corporation. The LDF Business Development Corporation, a wholly-owned entity of the Lake Superior Band of Chippewa Indians, is the majority shareholder of TBJ. Find TBJ online at tribalbusinessjournal.com.

Since 2007, Robert Weaver has been the owner and founder of RWI Benefits, LLC. The firm specializes in all lines of insurance to include employee benefits, property and casualty, worker’s compensation and all other forms of insurance management consulting. The RWI Benefits home office is located in Quapaw, Oklahoma, on Tribal trust land. Additional offices are located in Joplin, Missouri, and Chickasha, Oklahoma. Weaver owns NativeCare Health, LLC, a third-party benefit administration company, as well as, MedCase, LLC, a utilization review firm. Weaver is also the consultative representative for government-to-government relations of the Quapaw Tribe, a group working in Washington, D.C., to improve healthcare access for Indian Country as a whole. Learn more at ChooseRobertWeaver.com or RWIBenefits.com.

One of Weaver’s favorite publications is a free resource offered providing informational videos for less economically developed Indian tribes and nations. These videos can be found on the Robert Weaver Quapaw Tribe Facebook page or via the YouTube Native Health and Insurance Channel. If your organization needs assistance with any of the issues listed, Robert Weaver can be reached directly at 417-483-4700.