Robert Weaver featured in Indian Country Today Media

Robert Weaver was featured in the Indian Country Today Media Network article “Quapaw Entrepreneur and Visionary Transformed Tribal Healthcare” by Kristi Eaton. The article recounts Weaver’s steadfast commitment to helping Native Americans acquire high-quality, comprehensive healthcare at a reasonable cost. A member of the Quapaw Tribe of Oklahoma, Weaver has made it his personal mission to protect his tribe, and others in Indian Country, from those looking to cash in on a lack of knowledge regarding healthcare benefits.

“In 2006, even though it doesn’t seem that long ago, there were still a lot of insurance companies — in my opinion — that were very much taking advantage of tribes and their enterprises,” says Weaver in the article.

Several years ago, the Quapaw Tribe was in the process of opening the Downstream Casino and needed a healthcare plan for their employees. Overwhelmed by the varied options presented, they asked Weaver for assistance. This event provided an impetus for the new direction of his life’s work. Weaver helped review the bids for the Quapaw Tribe. Unsatisfied with what he saw, he opted to write a bid of his own. Using his expertise, Weaver acted as a liaison between the Quapaw Tribe and numerous health insurance companies and was able to negotiate and win greater benefits at a lesser price.

One of Weaver’s favorite publications is a free resource offered providing informational videos for less economically developed Indian tribes and nations. These videos can be found on the Robert Weaver Quapaw Tribe Facebook page or via the YouTube Native Health and Insurance Channel. If your organization needs assistance with any of the issues referenced, Weaver can be reached directly at 417-483-4700.

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Since 2007, Robert Weaver has been the owner and founder of RWI Benefits, LLC. The firm specializes in all lines of insurance to include employee benefits, property and casualty, worker’s compensation and all other forms of insurance management consulting. The RWI Benefits home office is located in Quapaw, Oklahoma, on Tribal trust land. Additional offices are located in Joplin, Missouri, and Chickasha, Oklahoma. Weaver owns NativeCare Health, LLC, a third-party benefit administration company, as well as, MedCase, LLC, a utilization review firm. Weaver is also the consultative representative for government-to-government relations of the Quapaw Tribe, a group working in Washington, D.C., to improve healthcare access for Indian Country as a whole. Learn more at or

Learn more about Weaver and his steadfast commitment to Native Americans in Eaton’s article “Quapaw Entrepreneur and Visionary Transformed Tribal Healthcare.