Emilee Truelove

Director of Communication, Compliance & Government Affairs 

Emilee has a diverse background in public affairs, compliance, and tribal relations. She grew up in Quapaw and left the area to pursue her education and career then returned home in 2007 to serve the tribal community.

During her years away from Ottawa County, she worked in Washington, DC as one of the nation’s first experts in litigation communications. Her clients included approximately one quarter of the American Bar Association’s Top 100 Lawyers in America. In 1999, she represented the 34 tribal nations that brought the first class action lawsuit against Big Tobacco companies.

She also worked in Washington, DC to pass the historic tobacco legislation in the late 1990’s. Back in Oklahoma, her consulting company became one of the top public affairs firms in the region. Emilee represented many clients in high profile litigation and compliance cases.

In 2008, Northeastern Oklahoma A&M College selected her to create and direct their American Indian Center for Excellence. Under Emilee's leadership, the $2.7 million federal grant program received national recognition for recruiting and graduating American Indian students.

She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism from the University of Central Oklahoma and a Master’s of Science in Higher Education Leadership from Northeastern State University. She has received nearly $35,000 in tribal scholarships including awards from Cherokee Nation and the American Indian Graduate Center as well as numerous awards from the University of Oklahoma. She currently is pursuing a PhD in Adult Education from the University of Oklahoma.