Our Vision



"One person can do little in the scheme of things, it seems. That right one person, however, can change the world by uniting the rest to one goal--and thereby change the whole world," noted Robert Weaver, president & founder of RWI Benefits, LLC. RWI is a national, wholly owned NATIVE AMERICAN insurance management firm specializing in all lines of insurance to include employee benefits, property and casualty, worker’s compensation and all other forms of insurance management consulting. At RWI Benefits, we work for the wellness of our peoples.


  • Honesty and Integrity to Include Transparency
  • Compassionate and Timely Service Standards
  • Unequivocal Excellence in All Aspects of the Company
  • Reasonable Profit, From Hard Work and Satisfied Clients
  • Attention to Detail to the Needs in the Present
  • Greater Detail to the Constantly Changing Future