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Robert Weaver


Robert Weaver, president and founder of RWI Benefits, LLC (a wholly owned Native American enterprise) established an insurance management firm in 2006. RWI assists Native American Tribal Governments, their enterprises and Tribal members in several parts of the country.

Weaver is a member of the Quapaw Tribe of Oklahoma. His grandfather, Arthur Buffalo, was one of the last pure blooded Quapaw Indians.  His grandfather's ethics and experience were passed to Weaver's mother, and in turn to him.  He uses these life lessons in working with Tribes and their peoples to protect what is important to them. 

Weaver sees no plan as "cookie cutter."  He knows that as members of sovereign nations, Native Americans require and deserve a fresh perspective on every change that occurs in the insurance industry.  Insurance is the second leading cost for nearly all Native nations.  Weaver applies the same perspective to non-Native American clients, as well. His passion is provide current and prospective clients with the scope of knowledge needed to ensure the best possible coverage, pricing and skilled customer service. This knowledge drives Weaver to work diligently to protect his clients and move them forward through the sometimes difficult maze of insurance.

With the passage of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA), the complexities associated with the administration and benefits offered within health care benefit plans increased dramatically. Recognizing the importance of understanding the changes inherent to the implementation of PPACA, and the special rules that apply to Indian Country, the Quapaw Tribe of Oklahoma selected Weaver to serve as the Tribal Healthcare Legislative Appointee. In this position Weaver has direct access to senators and congressmen, as well as the Director of Health and Human Services, for all matters related to health care and Indian Country. This direct access to congressional leaders coupled with industry knowledge and experience have enabled Robert and RWI Benefits, LLC to develop cost saving solutions for Tribal enterprise benefit plans.

Weaver has developed his knowledge of the health care industry from a number of perspectives.

Weaver has been involved in the insurance industry since 1997 when he began his career at a large hospital system. During this time, he became very familiar with medical billing and coding challenges in the industry, as well as the challenges faced by individuals awaiting their claims to be processed. Weaver worked his way to several promotions and experiences that eventually helped him in his current career by believing in hard work and going the extra miles does count.  These various jobs allowed Weaver to become involved in hundreds of contract negotiations between Insurance brokers, Insurance carriers as well as hospital systems and various physician groups.  This opportunity gave him invaluable knowledge from real-life experience of being on the other side of the table of what he does now. 

Next, Weaver went on to assist with several RHC (Rural Healthcare Systems) and FQHC's (Federally Qualified Healthcare centers) for privately owned hospitals and physician groups.  These experiences led Weaver to make the decision to be part of the solution and not part of the problem with healthcare.  Weaver actively advocates for clients by being engaged with the health reform debate.  His expertise is recognized by his several Native American endorsements to include that of the National Indian Gaming Association (NIGA) as well as the National Native American Human Resource Association (NNAHRA).   Weaver also works as an advisor to his people on these issues as a community leader.

This experience and background enables Weaver to assist Indian Country in general by serving as a Native owned insurance management company for several Tribes across the country while at the same time helping the Quapaw Tribe of Oklahoma specifically as the Tribal healthcare legislative appointee. In this position, Weaver represents the Quapaw Tribe of Oklahoma in healthcare discussions concerning existing or proposed legislation at the state and federal level. The rare combination of healthcare and health insurance industry experience combined with his personal concern for the welfare of the Quapaw Tribe as a Tribal member himself, make Robert a true representative of the Quapaw Tribe of Oklahoma and the Sovereign Nations of Indian Country.

Many Native prganizations have recognized this unique qualification. He has been asked to speak at many Native American events to educate people on the important topics of "How to Make Your Insurance Broker Work for You, Without Breaking the Bank," and "The Power of Indian Country, Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow," to include, the National Indian Gaming Association (NIGA), The Washington Indian Gaming Association (WIGA), the Oklahoma Indian Gaming Association (OIGA).  Weaver is currently focusing most of his efforts on the communication of changes from Health Care Reform for Native Americans as well as the MLR (Medicare-like rates) Section 506 upcoming changes and how they will help Native Americans and serve to make our communities healthier by giving us more buying power. 

Weaver has received many awards as well as notoriety from various speaking engagements, educating and advisement of committees across our nations. He counts his family as his greatest achievement.
Weaver has built a stellar reputation in the life insurance and employee benefit industry as an expert and client advocate. Weaver holds many designations among the various companies that he works for based on sales, outstanding communication as well as superb customer service. His appointment as Tribal healthcare legislative appointee provides a voice for Indian Country and represents Native Healthcare in Washington, DC and other federal and state legislative regions.

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Terry Harris


Harris joined Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Oklahoma in 1972, and has continued his career in the health insurance and health care delivery industries since that time. Harris has held senior management positions in the specialty fields of underwriting, third party administration, self funding and partial self funding, preferred provider organizations (PPO) network development, case management, marketing, contract negotiations and business development.

His experience includes the complexities of the corporate environment as well as the demands associated with start up businesses. Harris joined RWI Benefits, LLC in December of 2009 as the senior vice president of marketing and contract negotiation, and currently serves as the chief operating officer (COO) for the company. Harris brings extensive health care business and marketing experience to the RWI team.

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Director of Internal Operations

Michelle Weaver


Michelle Newton is a member of the Quapaw Tribe of Oklahoma and is the Director of Internal Operations at RWI Benefits, LLC. She holds a Tribal Human Resource Professionals (THRP) certificate. She has six years experience in Tribal and business relations including working for RWI Benefits and the Quapaw Tribe of Oklahoma. Prior to her employment at RWI she was the Secretary for the Environmental Department for the Quapaw Tribe and transferred to the Accounting Department as an Accounting Assistant. Michelle has also been an independent business owner, coached volleyball, a Cub Scout leader and Scouting Committee Member for ten years, and was a Title One Para Educator in the Elementary School for several years.

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The RWI Benefits Team

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