About RWI Benefits

Our Difference


RWI Benefits, LLC is an Insurance Management Firm dedicated to our client from point-of-sale to total client and member satisfaction.

RWI understands that employee benefits are the second largest expense to employers. This being said, RWI makes sure to not only add services to improve quality but also to expand our services from simply shopping the insurance market to being a helping hand at every turn for our clients from the implementation schedule and coordination of all open enrollments all the way to coordinating and providing a dedicated licensed Account Manager to handle all new hire enrollments.

We provide direct support and advice on all insurance related issues as they arise and more importantly, provide cost savings through strategic planning on plan design, plan document creation and all other points on the road to a healthy benefits plan. Below is a comparison of the services provided by RWI and regular insurance broker firms.


Sells Insurance Products

Ongoing Benefit Consultations

Tracks and Implements Legislative Changes

Ongoing Cost-containment Reviews

Provides 24/7 HR Support

Online Claims Tracking and History

Online Member Enrollments

Provides Designated Claims Coordinators

Accelerated Member Support Turn-around

Customized Benefit Packages

Flexible Vendor Selection


Insurance Management vs. Insurance Broker


Managing an employers’ insurance program encompasses not only the insurance and administrative components of the Plan, but also the health care delivery system that best meets the medical, dental, vision, life, and disability needs of the employees. Brokers are familiar with the services offered by vendors who compete for the claims administration services and the insurance coverage related to the benefit Plan. Although these parts of the overall Plan are very important, they represent less than 20% of the total costs associated with an Employer Benefit Plan.

As an insurance management company, RWI benefits develops and implements a strategy to negotiate with hospitals, physicians, dentists, therapists, pharmacies, vision care professionals, and other health care providers to reduce the claims cost of the Plan which represents 80% of the overall cost.

This interface with the claims side of the total Plan cost includes the interface of the health care services that are covered by the benefit Plan in order to develop the correct benefit incentives needed to obtain the best provider pricing. Insurance brokers solicit bids from insurance companies and third party administrators that are focused on obtaining a competitive price for a piece of the overall Plan. Insurance management requires a working knowledge of the provider component of the Plan and using that knowledge to blend the administrative and insurance components with the cost of delivering the health care services received by employees. RWI manages 100% of the Plan cost.