Native Health Care Reform

Native Health Care Reform



“Power” is useless without taking action to harness it and use it for the good of Indian Country.

If we fail to use this power, it is simply “potential” power and cannot serve our needs. I am Rob Weaver, a Native American business owner. I have built my company, RWI benefits, LLC, on the belief that I can harness the power of Indian Country and apply my expertise in the insurance industry to help meet the needs of Native America.

The results of this belief are shown in our testimonials. Economic development stems from the amount of capital a Tribe has available to invest. Your second largest expense for your enterprises is health insurance. If you reduce this expense by 15%, you have immediate access to a significant amount of new capital.

Together we can harness the POWER! Together we can build new enterprises with new capital! New capital that is already in your budget.

Together we can change “potential power” to “RESULTS”.