Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


What groups sizes does RWI Benefits, LLC have as clients?

RWI Benefits works with groups who include as few as two employees on the plan to plans including over  7,000 and growing. No group is too small or too large.

Is it complicated to change employee benefits to another vendor?

No, the start of the process is making RWI Benefits, LLC the broker of record by signing a letter we develop for you. This letter gives us the right to negotiate on your behalf and does not even require a change at that point in your plans. Many times, your team members do not even know the vendor has changed. We have an exceptional operational team who works to make this process seamless.

What is the process of moving to a new employee benefits vendor?

A broker of record letter is signed and a confidentiality non-disclosure agreement is signed. We provide both of those documents. Next we complete a thorough review of all existing contracts, develop an action plan and then present the findings and new strategy to the decision maker(s) in the group. Plans are then implemented after approval.

I just changed brokers and am locked into a contract until next renewal. What can I do?

The contract you signed is a broker of letter record and that letter can be changed when you choose upon notification of your current vendor, which we will handle for you if we are chosen by your organization. Then steps outlined above will occur. Typically, when open enrollment has just occurred, we do not change plans until half way through the year or at the next open enrollment. However, immediate savings by your plan are seen because we start all of our monitoring processes, and our consulting fees are typically MUCH more reasonable. We want your business for years to come and we know many prices are inflated. The best answer to this is you are not locked in to these agreements with the broker. Sometimes, you are locked into the agreements with the carriers directly, but the broker of record who manages can be changed at any time. We walk you through the process from start to finish and make it easy.

My current Broker is refusing to give me the information I have requested to get a quote from RWI Benefits, LLC. What can I do?

You are the owner of the information, and if the current broker refuses, a new broker of record letter can be signed for us, and we can force them to give you the information you requested. As a side note, we provide monthly reports for you so you do not have this problem again.

My human resource staff says it takes too much money and time to change vendors. What can you do to help with this?

Look at the whole picture in order to make this decision. For example, if RWI is able to save your plan 1.2 million dollars that year, then the extra $5,000 in overtime is well worth the cost and possible extra work. However, we make our staff available to make this process be easy and as painless as possible.

Do you do anything is different than other brokers and insurance management companies to help my human resource staff?

Yes, we feel that it is not the sole responsibility of human resources to make sure claims are paid and filed and field all the benefit questions. We assign a dedicated account manager who is your point of contact and give you specific escalation processes to make sure your issues are dealt with swiftly and accurately. We ensure we work as a team with your organization. We do not work for the insurance companies. We work for you and handle all the presentations and benefit enrollments for all new hire orientations on an ongoing basis at no additional charge. We believe this is a sign of our dedication to you as our account holder.

If we choose RWI Benefits, LLC as our broker of record, what steps do you take to ensure quality customer service as your company grows?

Great question! RWI Benefits, LLC has a well-seasoned operational and sales staff who ensure we have more than adequate and well-trained staff able to handle our accounts without losing any quality. We are always honest with our groups if we feel that we need more time to get someone up to speed before starting the account. This way, we never make promises we cannot keep. Many companies are in the insurance business thinking they can make quick money. We want to become your long-term strategic partner.